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What does EVCP offer?

EV Charging Pros saves you time and money in developing plans and getting to decisions about electric vehicle charging infrastructure. EVCP works for  property owners, not EV industry vendors. I’m an excellent information provider and network connector. I am your go-to EV guy.

Education, Case Studies & Best Practices

EVCP provides EV 101 overviews, case studies, vendor comparisons and industry best practices.  We present at lunch & learns, consulting projects, site visits, webinars and keynote speeches.

Scenario Planning and Site Assessments

EVCP helps you define EV charging deployment scenarios, create use cases, select vendors and refine policies.  I do site walks, provide assessments and recommendations.

EVCP creates turn-key “EV Concierge” or  “EV Ready” services so you have policies and procedures in place. Each organization decides what is important to them. I facilitate that process.

EVSE Vendors: Voice of the Customer

I know what is important to customers about products, policies and procedures. I can share my perspective, organize a survey or create a working group specifically to meet your needs.

“I appreciate how quickly and efficiently you were able to guide us to good decisions. We now have a charging plan that scales as we grow; provides a simple to use system for our tenants, streamlines internal administration and saved us $50,000 in capital costs.”

Steven Ronzone • Senior Development Executive, Trinity Place