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Independent Advice on Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

John Kalb, is Founder and President, EV Charging Pros (EVCP), an independent consultant, assisting commercial property owners, workplaces, and multifamily organizations to define corporate EV policies, explore site-specific EV charging requirements, evaluate vendor solutions and develop deployment plans. Since 2011 EVCP has worked on hundreds of EV charging projects.

EVCP Clients Include:

Multifamily Electric Vehicle Working Group

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John Kalb, Founder and President

Previously John served as Vice President of Research for Hattras, a firm focused on developing strategy for clients including EMC, Hitachi, LSI, NetApp, QLogic, and Cisco. John has developed strategy and business plans for companies seeking to enter new markets in multimedia, software publishing and the Internet. In the 1980’s John was VP for Investment Banking at Dakin Securities, where he sourced private and mezzanine financing for emerging companies.

John is on the Board of Directors of these leading transportation organizations:

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evchargingpros @evchargingpros
EV Charging Pros  @evchargingpros
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EV Charging Pros  @evchargingpros
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EV Charging Pros  @evchargingpros
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“I appreciate how quickly and efficiently you were able to guide us to good decisions. We now have a charging plan that scales as we grow; provides a simple to use system for our tenants, streamlines internal administration and saved us $50,000 in capital costs.”

Steven Ronzone • Senior Development Executive , Trinity Place